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Celebrating 30 Years of ServiceWelcome to the official website of the Lambda Gamma Gamma chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated.  Brother Michael Parham (Rho Gamma Gamma, 1994) is the current Basileus of the chapter affectionately known as LGG among fraternity brothers, friends and followers.  We are currently the second largest (active financial members) chapter in the fraternity and proudly represent a mix of civilian, active duty, reserve & National Guard, and retired military fraternity members.  read more....

Lambda Gamma Gamma was formed in 1984 and has facilitated a total of 17 chapter leaders known in Omega dialogue as Basileus after the Greek word symbolizing leader of people among nations.  Brother Michael Parham recently took the lead when Brother Garvey Wright (Nu Psi, 1987 & 16th Basileus) took an Army Command Select position in Ft. Carson, Colorado.  The continuity of superb leadership is carried on by Bro. Parham.  Meet Bro. Parham, Basileus

Achievement Week 2014

Achievement Week Flyer covering all events for 2014     

Use the links below and as appropriate to view and then download flyer material ass needed.  Once  you click on the link, the file will open to display the graphic.  Please right click the graphic and select "save or save as" from  your browser client.  The link will not initiate a download automatically so follow these instructions to save the file as needed.  Thanks for your support.

Before reading further, take a look at our custom page describing all the events planned for Achievement Week 2014 in detail.  This page includes links to supporting activities as well as payment links for events, the souvenir journal and more. Getting Started Here!


The Capital Region Ques will celebrate Achievement Week 2014 with a worship service at the Ft. Meade, Maryland Argonne Hills Chapel.  This event kicks off the week starts a host of events culminating in the Royal Purple and Gold Ball to be held at the Martin’s Crosswinds Camelot several days later.  LGG hosts Achievement Week as part of a fraternity-wide campaign to recognize not only the founding of Omega but also to recognize the achievement and contributions of brothers and supporters alike. 


This week promises something for everybody.  We encourage you to take a look at our calendar to select the events that interest you and also to let friends know that we’ll be “turnt-up” during the week leading up to November 17, 2014.  This marks 103 years of Omega’s continued service to the world and it ends the 30 year celebration of the founding of Lambda Gamma Gamma and its service to the greater Washington DC and metropolitan Baltimore area.

The Lambda Gamma Gamma Achievement Week Chair is responsible for all corresponding Achievement Week event.  Please feel free to contact Bro. Robert Lavender, Committee Chair as needed at: 

Youth Leadership Conference 2014

The Annual Youth Leadership Conference

“They Said I could lead”


Youth come join the Men of Omega in developing skills in leadership for change.  The 2014 Youth Leadership Conference is a one-day event designed for high school students.  The conference will give you a chance to join your peers from the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia area to gain the real-world leadership experience and skills you need to succeed.

This year's conference will be hosted at Charles H. Flowers High School on Saturday, October 11, 2014.  Come join us for breakfast and lunch and be empowered to emerge as an influential voice in your community and school.  Explore your interests, enlarge your perspective, and hone the skills you need to become an influential leader in the 21st century.



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